********FOOD for THOUGHT********

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**Picture & Recipe** for **Food for Thought** Challenge

This challenge closed over 3 years ago.

The Challenge

Needed for the challenge is a Picture with Recipe so when you click the picture you get a recipe as well.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Any food will be accepted as long as it has a recipe, so get busy and find some good recipes with a picture.

Please make sure your picture is in the group and make it easy for the host.

If you enter then please vote.

Rewards & Prizes

Banners for all the winners and front page feature for the winner.

Additional Information

Avatar picture is courtesy of Hege Nolan.

Thank you Hege

Cover Image: Chocolate Crackles by Hege Nolan


The Top Ten

Waking Up to The Smell of Cinnamon by paintingsheep

Waking Up to The Smell of Cinnamon by paintingsheep was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • Aspire For Life - Brown Rice And Bean Salad - NZ by AndreaEL
  • Maple Syrup Biscuits/cookies by Kiriel
  • Eggs Benedict by David Mellor
  • Ice Cream Cake With Strawberries by Sharon Brown
  • Butterfly Cream Cakes by Barb Leopold
  • Pomegranates by Alma Horn
  • Crispy Prawn Tempura by nadeedja
  • Green and Loving It by ArtBee
  • Illustrated Recipe: Grilled Pacific Saury by dosankodebbie

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