********FOCUS and LIGHTING******** Straight photography without excessive post processing.

Group Rules:

Focus and Lighting is the group to showcase the best of the best, with particular attention to Focus including the creative use of depth of field and Lighting to include exposure and shutter speed to produce a high quality image.
We seek your thoughtful, creative productions highlighting a mastery of the art and science of photography.

While digital manipulation of images has become popular we prefer to see what you can do with camera and lens. Obvious manipulation of images should be displayed elsewhere. Please keep your submissions as close to “as is” as possible.

Journals and writings will be limited to technical or creative photography topics.
5 writings— SHOULD be about helpful information for others
20 journals— SHOULD be discussions to help others, instruction’s etc..
Journals- need to be about improving your art or assisting another member (discussions)
Writings- need to be helpful and instructional for other members to learn from.
We want to communicate well with other groups. We are here to improve, display our art and make RedBubble beautiful and proud of us.

We will reject all examples of;
_Out of focus, under or over exposed photos.
Shaky images with accidental camera movement.
Non-corrected color balance.
Snapshots, Nudity.
Multiple images.
Digital manipulations NO HDR- NO TONE MAPPING, NO textures, NO Topaz, NO Orton, and NO layers
Images with embedded typography
Some images may be something that we don’t thing fit the group, so will be rejected at the monitors choice
We are about PHOTOGRAPHY.
No graffiti or street art, after all that is someone else’s work.

We monitor each Submission, and will reject all that do not meet the groups criteria and rules.
Pictures will need to show great clarity, lighting and focus.(That is what we are about)
Of course landscapes just need to show a great view.* Landscapes do need to have a great look about them, no scraggly trees, bushes, etc. We are going to look for photography that displays a photographer’s good talent. So it is a must that you show your best work. To maintain the best examples of photography we will periodically eliminate the older submissions.
We are looking for photography in it’s best form. Thank you for your understanding and compliance.
Larry, Janie and Ann

Founded by FlowersEtc July 2, 2009