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********FOCUS and LIGHTING******** Straight photography without excessive post processing.

We want members to learn from other Photographers. We want to create a great community that is helpful and a learning tool


  • Male White Cabbage Butterfly by Alyce Taylor
  • I've had too much liquid sunshine!!! by BlueMoonRose
  • The Eye of the Desert by DawsonImages
  • The Chair by redhairedgirl
  • Splendid by Kathy Silcock
  • Rusty Hinges by Randy Richards
  • "Remembrance" ∞ Gerroa, NSW - Australia by Jason Asher
  • Glacial debris by Richard  Stanley
  • Holiday Gazebo by Monica M. Scanlan
  • Mr Curious by TeresaB
  • The Hills Covered Bridge by Jeanne Sheridan
  • UP CLOSE IN PROFILE - THE TREE SQUIRREL- Paraxerus cepapi by Magriet Meintjes
  • Preparing Pindang Tongkol by Werner Padarin
  • Reflecting Eagle 2 by Werner Padarin
  • Sage - Summer Portrait by Stephen Beattie
  • Ghost - Snowy Owl by Jim Cumming
  • Ice Swan by Craig Higson-Smith
  • Water Sport by Martin Smart