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********FOCUS and LIGHTING******** Straight photography without excessive post processing.

We want members to learn from other Photographers. We want to create a great community that is helpful and a learning tool


  • Golden Tones by aussiedi
  • The River Clyde At Night by Aj Finan
  • Ropes in the Setting Sun by Melissa Gurdus
  • Inspired Light by DawsonImages
  • Mr Phographer, You are NOT Getting My Good Side by Michael  Moss
  • Form Forever Follows Function by Ben Loveday
  • Tulips.. Tulips.. Tulips.. by ienemien
  • Pastel Storm by DawsonImages
  • Waiting (2) by HelenPadarin
  • Threadfin Pearl Perch, Ningaloo Reef by Erik Schlogl
  • Pretty Pale Flower by Sea-Change
  • Vulnerable Heart by Wendi Donaldson
  • Ridgeline, Blue Ridge Mountains by Glenn Cecero
  • Models Required by Harry Purves
  • Creature of the Night V by Cameron Hampton
  • Windows by Martina Fagan
  • Yellow dragonfly 7624 by João Castro
  • Cactus Flower by saseoche