**FOCUS and LIGHTING** Straight photography without excessive post processing.

We want members to learn from other Photographers. We want to create a great community that is helpful and a learning tool


  • Here Come the Girls by Ladymoose
  • little lady princessje by LisaBeth
  • 717 panthera Tigris by pcfyi
  • Looking out the window by ienemien
  • THE FRAGILE PAPER NAUTILUS by Magaret Meintjes
  • The Silent Cowboy by Clare Colins
  • Heartbeat by AleFletcher
  • Oil & Water 5 by John Velocci
  • Suburban close encounter by David  Hibberd
  • In the Soul of Eye by Kenneth Haley
  • Nemos Home II by Norbert Probst
  • Campervan in the night by Gabor Pozsgai
  • Art Of Being Sexy by Jeffrey  Sinnock
  • Bubble Universe by Josh Gudde
  • Seealpsee by Xandru
  • Spear Fishing House on Muskrat Lake by SandraNightski
  • Jonquils Cluster by Joy Watson
  • Dangar Falls in July by Clare Colins