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Flower in Macro (A PORTION of a FLOWER)

*Photography only of a PORTION OF A SINGLE flower ONLY in MACRO (Attention to detail, clarity, composition, lighting, white balance and color is important. We want to see the small details of a flower not seen with the naked eye.*

  • Camomile by flashcompact
  • Silver Shines.. by NaturesTouch
  • In dreams.. by NaturesTouch
  • White Statice Macro  by Sandra Foster
  • Underneath my petals...Ox Eye Daisy  by ©The Creative  Minds
  • Pretty and Purple by ElsT
  • softness by Iris MacKenzie
  • Purple Clematis by Ray Clarke
  • morning dew drops by Glenda Williams
  • Praying Clematis by MidnightMelody
  • The heart of the matter by Nicole W.
  • Purple Vintage by PatChristensen
  • Spring Flowers in the Fall by Ticker
  • Clematis Macro Color Print by William Martin
  • Purple Flower by Emma Holmes
  • The Northern Blue Flag Iris by Jeannine St-Amour
  • echinops (2) by codaimages