Flower Works (Layers and Textures)



  • Susan Werby

    Journey Beyond by Susan Werby

    Gazing through a window of here and now
    I stare beyond to a floral fantasy of dreams
    Layers upon layers of blossoms and buds
    And oh so many leaves

    Greens and yellows and pinks so bright
    That rise above a

    63 words
  • Susan Werby

    Lasting Love by Susan Werby

    Do not turn from me
    Embrace all that I am
    Accept my every thought
    For there is no perfection
    Except when we are together

    Do not turn from me
    Never leave my side
    We are lovers
    Who are like flowers
    Nurtured by

    96 words
  • Susan Werby

    Pink Petals by Susan Werby

    Perfectly pink
    Petals of love
    Precision of nature
    Presented to you

    11 words
  • Susan Werby

    Glory of Nature by Susan Werby

    Brightly colored weeds standing erect
    As if saying “look at me”
    While forming a see-through screen
    To the field and trees beyond

    The clouds above
    In a sky of deep blue-green hues
    Protecting l

    52 words
  • Susan Werby

    Thoughts by Susan Werby

    Fragile shells of ideas glimmer within
    Like a milkweed pod that ruptures its skin

    Here but for a moment
    Then gone forever

    22 words
  • Susan Werby

    Sunshine Yellows by Susan Werby

    Feel the warmth on your face
    Close your eyes
    Follow shapes swimming
    In a sea of yellow-orange-reds

    Mellow dreams
    Dragons and princesses

    Mellow yellows
    Tinkerbell flitting about

    Bathing in yellows

    37 words
  • Susan Werby

    Yellow Flowers by Susan Werby

    I walk in the field
    Surrounded by the tiniest of yellow flowers
    That seemingly move about my feet
    Kissing me with the tenderest of touches…

    25 words
  • Charldia

    As Told By the White Rose by Charldia

    I first bloomed in that garden so fair,
    With a sweet smelling fragrance and beauty rare.
    The perfect paradise created by God’s own hand
    Where animals and plants lived in perfect harmony with man.

    438 words
  • Susan Werby

    Soul Searching by Susan Werby

    I gaze quietly into your eyes
    You search mine
    Our love warm with desire

    I am you
    You are me
    Together we are in sync

    Our souls pulse
    In a rhythm
    Unheard by others

    Searching hungrily
    For where we begin
    To whe

    63 words
  • Susan Werby

    Love's Dance by Susan Werby

    Coming together
    In intricate patterns
    Vibrancy of colors
    Beckoning to one another
    In an embrace that never ends

    18 words
  • Susan Werby

    Silence of the Night by Susan Werby

    Hydrangea petals of simple white
    Immersed within muted colors
    Of an impressionistic world

    Moonlight gently kissing the flowers below
    As the white petals rise up
    In the Silent Night

    29 words
  • Kelly Robinson

    The Photographer by Kelly Robinson

    Today, Tomorrow and Forever
    I am a photographer

    48 words
  • Penny V-P

    Glow in the night flowers - written by Penny V-P by Penny V-P

    The flowers will map and link to the stars…………the power of flower will reign supreme and will be the driving force to the future…..

    360 words