Flower Works - Texture, Soft Effect, Dreamy

Group Rules:


This group is for dreamy flowers. Nothing straight-from-the-camera will be accepted. Images must be altered for example by using for example, extreme macro (more than just a soft background), extension tubes, Lensbaby, filters or textures to end up with obvious soft focus.

Works to be submitted as Images (Default View setting ) not as products please. WORKS WILL BE REJECTED IF SUBMITTED AS PRODUCTS

1 Image per 24 hours please

Journals and Writing MUST obviously, be somewhat related to the group or flowers.


Works to be altered/photographed using for example one or more of the following techniques:

- Definite soft focus (not out-of-focus, we can tell)
- Noticeably feathered
- Soft pastel
- Vintage
- Ethereal
- Bokeh
- Filter
- Texture
- Dreamy effect


- Straight macro-only photography
- An as-is photograph with a touch of depth of field only.
- Digital art
- Sharp images straight from the camera.
- An unaltered flower with only a black background.
- A flower with only a black background.
- Faces, people, or part thereof, in any form
- Butterflies, bugs, insects, ladybirds etc. (May be accepted at host’s discretion)
- Garden scenes, fields or bunches of flowers, whole creepers and the like
- Trees and gardens
- Blossom branches
- Fungi
- No paintings; watercolour/oils etc.. There are other groups for these.

By joining this group, you will be giving permission to hosts to use your images as avatars for the group, as well as for challenges. Usually you will be notified.


Features are run fortnightly.


Challenges are run each month with an occasional mini-challenge thrown in! Winning images are placed in the Challenge Results forum. See home page links.
When participating in challenges, your entry MUST also be added the group. It will either be removed from the challenge, or it won’t be featured/honoured in the event that it wins.

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