Beach Treasures

Group Rules:

Just a few easy to follow rules

1) All images much reflect a “treasure” found on a beach. Images found in tide pools will also be accepted as the tide pools are on the beach. No images of things found at sea or at a distance from the beach.

2) No landscapes of seascapes that do not clearly show a beach treasure.

3)We accept color and B&W photos as well as art work.

4) At the moment we are accepting an unlimited number of entries to the group. (This may change).

4) No people unless they are only background and the treasure is the primary focus.

5) No domestic animals.

6) No clothing or i-phone cases.

7) No nudity

8) ABOVE ALL RESPECT ONE ANOTHER, and have fun searching out all the wonderful treasures to be found on our beaches.

This group is moderated, so if perchance your image is removed it will be for good reason. Please understand that our moderating host for the day has the decision to reject and their decision is final.