Florida the Sunshine State

show us your best of Florida, this includes the locals, snowbirds, and you lucky people that get to vacation here. . No limit on what you can submit ,as long as it was shot in Florida, or inspired by Florida

Recent Work

  • Balance by Noble Upchurch
  • Beachy Palm Trees by kfisi
  • Sunshine Skyway, Tampa Bay by Bill Wetmore
  • View From The Balcony by Mike Pesseackey (crimsontideguy)
  • Passion Flower by Gail Falcon
  • Sandhill Crane II by Ostar-Digital
  • Sandhill Crane by Ostar-Digital
  • After The Rain by PrairieRose
  • Pretty, frilly fungus (Tremella fuciformis) by May Lattanzio
  • The ocean's treasure by kfisi
  • Tropical Sunset by kfisi
  • Just Floating By by kfisi

About This Group

This is a place you can call home when it comes to Florida, we welcome locals, and the "snow birds "residents and all tourist. We want to see what you saw here or what you see, and what you like about Florida and the beauty the State has.

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