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Forever challenge ...

Anne van Alkemade Anne van Alkemade 2624 posts

This challenge has indeterminate end if ever there is one.

The idea is there will be just one story per theme.
The first to post their story under the theme, suggests the next one.
(If you write a story and someone else beats you to the draw, please refrain from posting in this thread however DO post it in the group in the usual way ie the gallery.

As always, word count is maximum 150. Interpretation of each theme is open … and everyone can give it a go.
If there is sufficient demand for it, I will start an “Extras” topic so those who miss out on posting their stories can pop them in the ‘sister’ thread. Let me know how you go.

Now, to get the ball rolling, first theme is
the smell of chaos.


Lawford Lawford 424 posts

Choas is only being allowed to use 50 words!!!

Anne van Alkemade Anne van Alkemade 2624 posts

Chaos would be 150,000 ;)
Oh poop – I meant 150 on both counts!!!! What’s a 1 and a decimal point between friends.

Lawford Lawford 424 posts

Not much or a hell of a lot if you’re talking $$$$$$

Lawford Lawford 424 posts

I’ll go first.
Well Done

Anthony Barr-Smith was a prick. Because he had a hyphen he thought his shi… well y’ know.
He was the owner. He thought he could run a restaurant. Nothing, and I mean nothing got past him. You couldn’t make a decision without him sticking his nose in and demanding it to be done differently.
Business was ok after the opening. But it quickly went downhill. He would shout at the apprentice chef, “MORE FIRE. FIRE. FIRE.” when he wanted a dish cooked differently.
He yelled it again last night. I looked into the kitchen and it really was on fire.
I walked back through the room. A customer stopped me “Excuse me. Um. Something’s burning. What do you think it is?”
“Don’t worry Sir. That’s just the smell of chaos.”
I walked past the cash register dropping my waiter’s apron over the top as I walked out the door.

Next Phrase – That’s some booty

Anne van Alkemade Anne van Alkemade 2624 posts

That’s Some Booty

Abby was not terribly noticeable when she walked into the supermarket except that, well, despite being of fairly nice proportions she had a massive derriere. She walked through the turnstile sideways and a little bit above just to get through, embarrassment radiating from her red cheeks.
As I packed shelves, Simon from the butchershop stopped mid-oily comment and nudged me in the ribs.
“That’s some booty she’s got there,” he drooled. “I’d really like to grab both sides of that and …”
I walked off in disgust, gave Abby a friendly wave, then went out back for a fag, wishing I could give up to save money.
My flat mate met me a few minutes later.
“No problemo, Thelma. We eat tonight,” Abby declared. “You can really pack it in that hollow fat suit. We got turkey, assorted veg, ice cream.”
“That sure is some booty Abby,” I answered.

Next theme
Can we make ginger snaps?

Lawford Lawford 424 posts

Laughed loudly at that one Anne. I think that’s called LOL in modern speak.

Can you make ginger snaps?
Yep if you call the little bugger a Ranga.

Anne van Alkemade Anne van Alkemade 2624 posts

lol :))))
PS I couldn’t think of anything else especially as this is all Robyn has been saying all day today since Mister Maker on ABC Kids internet made them. Grrr. Mr Maker has a lot to answer for. Would have been far easier if I’d said yes!!!

annieannie annieannie 1042 posts

Mags felt undeniably elated having got her point across without the interminable scenes she had anticipated. Granted she would be pilloried for her decision; ostracized; ignored in all the best places and conversations. Would stop abruptly when she entered a room. Well it was all going to be worth it
Besides why not take her own advice…. as head of department she was entitled to send that mister maker into another group, re jig the schedule and HEY PRESTO no more ginger snaps for her winging five year old.

next theme
if you can then i want to

Anne van Alkemade Anne van Alkemade 2624 posts

lmao and VBS :)

Tuliptree Tuliptree 238 posts

If you can then I want to

So masterly, James had the technique honed to perfection. First the right side, up down, up down, then the left. Not a squeak, not a cough, just a gentlemanly retch at the outset but nothing obtrusive. As he stood, feet firm and slightly apart, Jessica was hypnotised by his presence and skill. She knew her life would never be the same again. She had to have a go, beat him at his own game just for being so damn arresting, so damn good at it. So much of it was about control, she thought, even though she felt all control leaving her as she watched the master at work. Then she took a deep breath and, passing a green bean elegantly up her nose, she coughed it down into her mouth, seized either end and began pulling.

New title: Getting Burnt

Anne van Alkemade Anne van Alkemade 2624 posts

ewwwwwww. lmao

ian osborne ian osborne 446 posts

Getting Burnt

As he sat engulfed in flames Loc was visited by memories of past lives all of which ended with himself getting burnt. As a swan he’d flown into power lines. As an ant he’d been fried by a boy with a magnifying glass.
He became convinced then that he must at some time have been a serious arsonist.
“I’m paying for it now,” he thought, as the heat ate up the last vestiges of his saffron robe.
Setting himself alight in protest had been voluntary surely, but had it really been his choice after all?
And where would it all end?
Meanwhile across town, as Loc’s life as a Buddhist monk fizzled out, a schoolboy rummaged for a fresh stick of charcoal and began to sketch.
In the end he was unhappy with his rendering of The Great Fire of London and put a match to it.
Next: Taking A Chance On Love

Anne van Alkemade Anne van Alkemade 2624 posts

That connection is absolutely intriguing, Ian. I can’t stop thinking about that!

Andy Smerdon Andy Smerdon 123 posts

Great responses and prompts so far, I must have a go. Awesome Ian.

Andy Smerdon Andy Smerdon 123 posts

Barney’s brow furrowed as he studied the form guide. Bloody greyhounds are impossible to pick. Well, maybe not impossible. He had made a small fortune recently; ever since visiting a fortune teller at the carnival a couple of summers ago. She was amazing. “Take a chance on Love” she had told him. He had taken her advice and sought love in everything he did. His first big win at the dogs after the visit was on Lovers Choice. He had seen the most amazing woman in a bar and unlike his normal shy self he took a chance and asked her out. They were married a couple of months later. The spree of love related serendipity had continued.
The problem now confronting him was that the form guide only offered one dog with a love related name and he wasn’t sure if he wanted his money on ‘Love Lost’.

NEXT: No way man!

Anne van Alkemade Anne van Alkemade 2624 posts

Like it Andy. No! Love it. :)

Jenifer DeBellis Jenifer DeBellis 1312 posts

Fresh Meat

“No way man! There’s no excuse that can minimize things.”

“But I was—”

“It doesn’t matter what you were gonna do or why you didn’t do it. The fact is: you didn’t do it, and now it’s too late to do anything about it.” How many more of these dimwits would he have to train before one of them—just one of them!—worked out?

He dialed the agency. “Hello, Mr. Wright,” the receptionist chimed before he could even get a word out. “We’ve been expecting your call.”

“Have you, now?”

“It’s time for fresh meat, sir?”

His defeated sigh betrayed him. “How soon can you send someone over?”

“How’s tomorrow morning sound, sir?”

Anticipating such a response, he’d already taken the liberty of flipping the sign that hung in the front window to “Closed”—the very sign that hung just below the inscription “VHS Poison Control Center.”

Anne van Alkemade Anne van Alkemade 2624 posts

Jenifer, we need another topic for the next person. :)
Nice write. Just one question, what’s VHS?

Tuliptree Tuliptree 238 posts

Great stuff, Jenifer! I am really enjoying these insights into the things we wonder about but never dare undertake…outside the world of writing, anyway! :-)

Jenifer DeBellis Jenifer DeBellis 1312 posts

Oh, my bad…
And VHS is the name of metro Detroit’s local center. What it stands for is a mystery even to me.

Next prompt: It had to be that way.

IWML IWML 330 posts

It was so flawed, so terribly broken.

Huge sections of it made no sense at all, while other parts were so irreversibly malfunctional that they bordered on the comical. But it seemed like the only way to make the damn thing. After all, he’d tried – God knows he’d tried! – to make it other ways, better ways, make the damn thing actually work properly. But every other strategy he’d tried had resulted in the thing just falling apart. Flawed or not, this was the only way he seemed to be able to make it actually hold together; ridiculous as it might be, this seemed to be the one configuration that actually functioned.

God sighed. Looked like the universe would just have to be that way.

next prompt: His name was Cinderella.

Andy Smerdon Andy Smerdon 123 posts

His name was Cinderella; Cinderella Rockerfella the First. There would never be a, ‘the Second’, he was sure of that. What were his parents thinking! His childhood and youth had been horrendous. His nicknames had been horrid; Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks, Princess and so on. His time at school and college had been a misery. When he finally graduated with a degree in IT, he set up his own on-line dating service. Run from the basement of his home, it meant he had no work "buddies’ to pile on the taunts and he could be himself.
He stared at the screen. This latest application from another lonely heart needed vetting. The picture showed a pixie-faced girl, with green eyes and porcelain skin, his heart leapt, should he answer this ad himself? Surely she would have no trouble finding a match?
He started typing her details into the system:
Name: Charming Prince

Next prompt: Don’t hold back

Andy Smerdon Andy Smerdon 123 posts

IWML – that was excellent – didn’t see that finish coming :)

Lawford Lawford 424 posts

IWML That bloody GOD has a lot to answer for hasn’t she?