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First Things...Closed...

A Group of Firsts....


  • Blue Seating For Two by Sandra Foster
  • Daughter Of Sunrise and Moon by ellamental
  • Stained by Steve Hunter
  • Snowy White by ellamental
  • Burgundy flower design by ♥⊱ B. Randi Bailey
  • Hyacinth by AnnDixon
  • Vietnam. Hoi An. Riverfront. by vadim19
  • Vietnam. Hoi An. At the river. by vadim19
  • Hawthorn dawn by Pauline-W
  •  Pathway to the bridge HDR by Anthony Hedger Photography
  • " Oh Heck" Here comes John!!!!!! I'll Hide down here. by Malcolm Chant
  • The Satan's toy by Ricardo Giraldez
  • To go with my black heart by strawberries
  • "Serene thoughts" by Helenka
  • Library Of The Future  by Linda Miller Gesualdo
  • The Pine Line by Jamie Lee
  • Two Faces of Eve by Peter Hammer
  • Oh Beautiful I by Ladymoose