First Things...Closed...

A Group of Firsts....


  • A Quiet Beauty by micklyn
  • Sunflowers From Sue by Anne Gitto
  • Here Comes the Sun by redqueenself
  • White necked Jacobin male hummingbird by Linda Sparks
  • Extreme Caution ~  Road Construction Ahead by Carla Jensen
  • Chisholm...Portrait Of A Cowboy by Susan Bergstrom
  • Crashing Waves by Bill Colman
  • Yorkie by Susan Bergstrom
  • Vietnam. Hoi An River. Fisherman Throwing a Net. by vadim19
  • Vietnam. Hoi An River. Morning. Fishing Boats. by vadim19
  • Opaleidoscope by Joel Fourcard
  • HOLDING ON by Carla Jensen
  • Morning Dove Baby Birds by Carla Jensen
  • The Looking Glass by Vince Scaglione
  • Through the Haze ! by Elfriede Fulda
  • Potential Jester by ellamental
  • Banksia Star by Joel Fourcard
  • Greta Oto with Wings of Glass by Jo Nijenhuis