All About Fire - (no photos of the sun, please unless its a shot to do with bushfires they will be rejected).

Group Rules:

We are not going to make it full of rules. All that we ask is that it has something to do with Fire in any way, shape, or form. For example, art relating to Firemen, Firetrucks, Fire Stations, Building Fires, Bush Fires, Fire Places, Fire Equipment and Fire Hydrants just to name a few.

There is now a daily two photo limit for the group, as of late there have been a number of people adding multiple images, which results in flooding the page with their work. To make it fair, so that everyone gets space, only two images a day.

Please dont be upset if we decline your work if it does not relate to Fire eg sunsets and sunrises.

We want you to have fun taking your photos or art or writing as much as we will enjoy viewing and displaying your work. There will be challenges, journals and competitions to come.

David & Kaz (slightly edited by Allen on 04 Feb, 2011 19:04 UTC EDST)