Finks of Inks

Group Rules:

Submission Guidelines
Finks of Inks’ hosts apply the following guidelines when moderating submissions to the group gallery.

• Art submitted must have a foundation in ink. Mixed media is acceptable as long as the focus of the work is completed in ink (The hosts will admit mixed media at their discretion provided it meets these guidelines).
• Computer generated or aided work is not accepted. Vector graphics are not accepted. Ink-work scanned and converted to vector graphics is not accepted. Ink-work scanned and colorized is acceptable as long as the work remains recognizable as hand drawn ink.
• Please do not submit multiple versions of the same work comprised of slight variations. The only exception being work thematically linked, please let the hosts know if this is the case.
• Photographs of ink works that have been done in difficult to capture mediums are accepted. The art should be the focus of the image.
• Tattoo work will be accepted at the hosts’ discretion. Please crop tattoo images to focus the art and not the body of the person it is on.
• We will accept journals that focus on the ink medium. Short pieces on ink techniques, history & renowned artists are welcome. We do not accept daily musings, self-promotion, or event notices.
• We do not accept iPhone cases.

There is a limit of 20 works per artist within the group gallery. How To Use My Works details how to list your personal work within the group.

Please do not submit more than three images a day. Any more than this will be rejected and you will need to resubmit them for consideration.

Challenge Guidelines
Challenge guidelines will be determined at the creation of each challenge. One rule does not change: work entered must be part of the group.

Social Networking
Finks of Inks operates a Facebook page and twitter account. By submitting your work to the Finks of Inks’ gallery and challenges, you recognize that Finks of Inks’ hosts may link to your work via these social media outlets. Finks of Inks hosts’ will never use your images in any other fashion without the artist’s consent.

If you have questions about submission criteria or feel your work was wrongly rejected, please send a BubbleMail to any of the hosts. We will respond quickly.