Finks of Inks

Ink Medium.

Recent Work

  • Lotus Dots by georgiamason
  • Graceful Lotus by georgiamason
  • Flower scroll of light and shadow sumi-e painting by Maryna Sokolyan
  • Touch of color sumi-e painting by Maryna Sokolyan
  • The Ventriloquist  by John Dicandia  ( JinnDoW )
  • Gonzo Zodiac - Aries by Sladeside
  • you are me dolls by donnamalone
  • swing low sweet chariot by donnamalone
  • Jazz by John Douglas
  • 'Psychiatry' by Jerry Kirk
  • eyes wide shut Kristy by donnamalone
  • life is choices by wormink

About This Group

Finks of Inks is a community of artists that celebrate the ink medium. Our styles and subjects may be divergent, but the medium we share is the centerpiece of our art.

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Mechanical Illusions by Erin Hammill

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