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A group honoring those lush green carpets of moss, the delicate beauty of ferns, and the unusual forms of lichens and liverworts from everywhere around the globe. Algae, seaweeds, and fungi are also welcomed:>)


  • Fern growing in Mont Tremblant National Park by unikatdesign
  • King bolete by cuprum
  • Overpopulation by cuprum
  • Funky Fungus by Monnie Ryan
  • Fungus in the Forest I by Kathleen Daley
  • Fungus in the Forest II by Kathleen Daley
  • Fungus in the Forest III by Kathleen Daley
  • Fungus in the Forest IV by Kathleen Daley
  • Autumn Trickle Over Cayuga Falls by Gene Walls
  • Little Forest Stream by Bette Devine
  • A Pond to Ponder by Sandra Fortier
  • Bright Orange Fungi by lorilee
  • Winter Fern by Bette Devine
  • Dancing with the Sun by Otto Danby II
  • fern in the forest by spetenfia
  • Bracket Fungi, Cradle Mountain,Tasmania, Australia. by kaysharp
  • Fungi Pattern by Abby Levi Murray
  • Leaf Hopper on Fern by Geckojoy