Artistic Feminine Photography

Group Rules:

1. Art limited to two uploads per day.

2. Subject must have the main focus on women.

3. Nude images are allowed and encouraged, they are a beautiful expression, please people, keep them tasteful, there is nothing worse than a badly done nude we are still looking for art.

4. Anything we believe to be sexually intended or even vaguely pornographic will NOT be accepted.

5. Must be photography.

6. Due to an increase of overly photoshopped images submitted I would like to remind people that this is a PHOTOGRAPHY group. Photoshopped images are definitely allowed but they must still LOOK like a photograph.

7. No snapshots PLEASE, there are other groups more suited to this work.

8. Please NO shots of children. Although they are beautiful, they are not WOMEN.

9. Remember to be creative! And submit your BEST WORK ONLY to keep our gallery interesting and rich!