Feminine Intent

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Star of the Week ~ Feminine Intent ~ April 20, 2013

tori yule tori yule 8329 posts

Please join me in congratulating Margot ( PhDilettante) our new Star of the Week. Margot is supportive in our forums and her work is wonderful. Let’s celebrate Margot this week. Thank you for your support. Please take a moment to leave a short note, it really means a lot to our artists.

can't trust that day
by PhDilettante

autumnwind autumnwind 7154 posts


LeaBarozzi LeaBarozzi 33 posts

great abstraction!

Lynn Gedeon Lynn Gedeon 1252 posts

Congratulations, Margot!

PhDilettante PhDilettante 168 posts

A bit overwhelming, all this! I don’t seem to be able to reply individually (computer glitch?) but thank you so much, and special thanks to tori!

tori yule tori yule 8329 posts

You can’t reply the same way as you can on work pages here. If you wanted to reply to each person, you could write a new reply for each or thank everyone in the same reply. An example I got from Teresa’s page was Thank you so much for your wonderful comments Donna, Beatrice, Tina, PhDilettante, Pat and Shar!! They are greatly appreciated!! You could also just say thanks to everyone. There’s no right way to do it.

You are such a big support to our members here, Margot, and this feature is very well deserved. Congratulations, your work is outstanding, too.

RosaCobos RosaCobos 341 posts

I congratulate you Margot for this distinction, so well deserved, Your work is unique and highly personal. Is good for all of us to share a grouip with some artists that has put the artistic standar of RB so highly.

Eileen McVey Eileen McVey 266 posts


Maraia Maraia 174 posts

Super congratulations! Your work really deserves to be in the highlight!

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 4151 posts

Congratulations Margot – outstanding work ☺

Linda Lees Linda Lees 1380 posts

Congratulations Margot!