Feminine Intent

Recent Work

  • Green lace and roses by Lisa Murphy
  • River Seat  by Margaret Stanton
  • A cost to bare... by su2anne
  • Safes by katarina86
  • in dreams... by annacuypers
  • Warrior Within  by Robyn Scafone
  • Cosmic Parade • 2008 by Robyn Scafone
  • Ready, Steady, Go by Clare Colins
  •    Mountain Stream by Redrose10
  • It's a Long way Down by Clare Colins
  • Meet the Artist by Destiny Nowicki
  • Bored bunny by Destiny Nowicki

About This Group

Feminine Intent is a group for female artists only

Through photography, drawing and painting we would love to see how you determine and show your ideas of where you are in your journey through life

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