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Feet First

A gallery to showcase the best images of feet redbubble has to offer.

Recent Work

  • The World Upside Down by Tracy Jule
  • Spring Foot Designs by michaelwsf
  • Foot Tiles by michaelwsf
  • Self Portrait- Shelly likes to paint seashells by the seashore by MJD Photography  Portraits and Abandoned Ruins
  • Rainbow Foot Rings by michaelwsf
  • Christmas Star by michaelwsf
  • Orange Tips by michaelwsf
  • Pink Tips by michaelwsf
  • Rainbow Heart by michaelwsf
  • Roy G. Biv by michaelwsf
  • Winged Feet by michaelwsf
  • Foot Mask by michaelwsf

About This Group

If you like feet, then this is the place for you! From walking to running or just relaxing, show us those feet!! All shapes and sizes welcome. Feet can be human or animal, bare or in shoes, as long as the emphasis is on the feet. Please, no nudity.

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