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[IMPORTANT] Please see the updated RULES here!

Anita Pollak Anita Pollak 442 posts

I’m so sorry you had to deal with this, Marcelle. Being reprimanded for trying to promote an artist’s work is unfair and cruel. I would be honored to have any of my work used in these ways and I want to thank you for all of your hard work as host of this group.

peterrobinsonjr peterrobinsonjr 45 posts

I will echo the groups sentiment and be pleased for any images I submit to the group to be used within the group

Forfarlass Forfarlass 128 posts

You are welcome The hosts put in a lot time and work. RB must see that it is a big part of RB xxxx

Thomas Barker-Detwiler Thomas Barker-... 830 posts

I am sorry this happened because it is so silly. For the moment I am sidestepping the issue in my groups by using only my own work in banners. Glad that you followed up on this and thankful for the advice and awareness, Tom

Hank Eder Hank Eder 105 posts

Feel free to check out anything I have in my portfolio. I consider it an honor when you share it here in the group. Thanks for all you do.

Glenn Cecero Glenn Cecero 449 posts

Having had my comments deleted from a group for disagreeing with the boss/moderator I can understand your frustration. In previous years the groups I’ve been in have either stated that policy first or personally contacted me for my permission. I thought this reasonable. Now that you have stated this as a policy of this group of course it is accepted.
Good luck

Yannik Hay Yannik Hay 2233 posts

Hi Marcelle,
I juste read this thread. I am so sorry to read this and that you have to go through that!
You are a wonderful host and a dedicated one. You can use my photos as avatar because it is an honour. Not a copyright infringement. You are not using it anywhere else then RedBubble.
I totally agree with your new rules and if people don’t want their work being used as avatar, well they just have to not belong to any groups.

Best regards Marcelle.

Marcelle Raphael ©Southern Belle Studios Marcelle Rapha... 2471 posts

Thank you all for understanding the new rules. It’s really sad that it has gotten to that. I understand infringement, but challenges, etc are why we are here.

Arla M. Ruggles Arla M. Ruggles 686 posts

All promotions are welcome, in my book. Having an image chosen to represent a challenge is a tremendous compliment.
Sorry you had to deal with one individual who does not know that. Thanks for your hard work!