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Featured For A Challenge - At least 6 FEATURES

Group Rules:

Featured for a Challenge is a group of artists that have images which have received at least 6 features.

Membership is by invite only.
Please READ THE RULES and then b-mail me and let me know you want an invitation.

The rules are very simple

- Make sure your artwork has been featured in at least 6 groups. FRACTALS need to have been featured in at least 4 groups.
- Make sure your artwork’s Description Page lists the 6 groups in which it has been featured.
- We are a family oriented group do not submit any images that would not be rated “G” general audience at a movie theater.
- There is no limit for submissions.

Joining and or being an active member of this group means we have your permission to use your art as an avatar for Challenges and avatar of the group.

About the challenges, If there is more than one winner, the avatar for the month will be chosen by RB. Other winners will receive a winner banner anyway but their work won’t be displayed as avatar.
To enter challenge, you will recieve an invitation with your featured banner.

The group reserves the right to remove any art work, without prior
warning to artist from the group and /or any challenge that does
not adhere to both group and RedBubble guideline rules.