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Featured For A Challenge - 10 FEATURES - NEW HOST NEEDED

MUST have 10 FEATURES - (*FRACTALS - 6 Features)

Postcard Style – 006

This challenge closed about 3 years ago.

The Challenge

Postcard Style Features… Congratulations if you Received a feature for this challenge!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for those you think will make a perfect Postcard.

Rewards & Prizes

That feeling… and a banner off course!

Additional Information

If you think you have some works that will fit this challenge, and it have 6 or more features… contact me with the details… :-)

The avatar for this challenge was chosen by my little Dawid

Cover Image: Rooftop Ripples by Den McKervey


The Top Ten

ago by Iris MacKenzie

ago by Iris MacKenzie was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 14 votes.

  • Blue Sky, Yellow Cables by SuddenJim
  • Reflections Of A Sunlit Sky by RVogler
  • Star Flower,  photography of shiny mosaic - JUSTART © by JUSTART
  • Rooftop Ripples by Den McKervey
  • Medallion Window ~ Winter Sunset by SummerJade
  • Capitol Dome (Helena, Montana) by rocamiadesign
  • Illuminating the Centuries by Erica Yanina Lujan
  • Purple & Brown by Werner Padarin
  • Sydney Opera House interior by Erik Schlogl

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