Featured For A Challenge - At least 6 FEATURES

MUST have 6 FEATURES - (*FRACTALS - 4 Features)

A single Perfection...

This challenge closed over 4 years ago.

The Challenge

To start the new year I decided to feature all the awesome flowers of the group… MOSTLY new submissions and some of them were in a challenge in the past.

If your lovely A single Perfection… flower is featured on THIS PAGE it is meant to be in this challenge.

Judging / Voting Criteria

I know it is going to be hard to choose… these works are so beautiful!_… but please give the artists the votes they deserve, and vote for those who is the most beautiful to you…

Thank you!

Rewards & Prizes

That feeling that you are simply a super artist!
…and another banner of course for the top 10’s.
The first place winners will come Into Line for a featured member of the group.

Additional Information

Because my little 9 Year Old is always heart and soul with me in this group with it’s most talented members, I gave him the honour to choose the avatar for this challenge.

Cover Image: Bluebell Morning Dew by Jo Nijenhuis


The Top Ten

Dicentra spectabilis by JHRphotoART

Dicentra spectabilis by JHRphotoART was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 14 votes.

  • Tulip Reflections by Elaine Teague
  • 9 Cosmo by Cara Schingeck
  • I've Fallen For You by tscp
  • A different perspective by Kimberly Kay Spies
  • blood red.... soaked with raindrops by jammingene
  • Bluebell Morning Dew by Jo Nijenhuis
  • Perfect World by tori yule
  • Frangipani Bud by Sea-Change
  • Shine Your Light On Me by TeresaB

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  1. Avatar of the group for November 2016

    Avatar of the group for November 2016

    This is the challenge for November 2016. Enter image or work of your choice. Your work don’t n…

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