Most Favorites-(At least 25 people have favorited your piece) 1 per day

Group Rules:

All works submitted must have at least 25 favorites or more and that number must be represented in the image description. As this group grows, the number 25 is subject to becoming higher.

It is strongly suggested you continue to alter the number of favs in the description in order to receive your level awards. After being submitted and given the proper award (providing the qualifications are met) you may erase the number and copy the award to your description. It is up to you to let me know when you have enough favs to warrant another award. Please see the level lists in the group messages for further understanding.

Only one image per day and if any shots are found to be inaccurately recorded they will be removed. More than once, and the member loses the privilege to be here. I will initially prompt you if you have forgotten to add the number but further omission will result in removal until rectified.

No nudity, sorry. That’s not to say there isn’t wonderful work in that field, we just want this group to be viewable to all aspiring artists regardless of age.

As well, if the work is over-exposed, out of focus, noisy etc. (seemingly not in keeping with all works submitted) it will be removed at the host’s discretion. :)

We look forward to sharing your talent. Input is welcome.