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Lee-Anne Carver Lee-Anne Carver 65 posts

Every now and then I will be posting works which earned further favor and received a banner not only for being featured, but for being a favorite feature as well. It is said that in photography there are no perfect images, just perfect moments. The images in this category will exemplify those perfect moments. The degree of difficulty is high and all things must have come together to catch that moment which only happens not once in a lifetime, but rather… once.

Anticipation – Moods Of A City – The HDR Experience
by Philip Johnson

Coyote Portrait – Montebello, Quebec
by Michael Cummings

Still Strong..
by Charuhas Images

Mid Flight Flip
by EagleHunter

Big Red
by Val Saxby

your face in shadow
by waitin’ for rain

Red for the Holidays
by Kim McClain

Just Above The Tree Tops
by Carol Barona

Langt ude i skoven
by Kristina Gale

Malachite Butterfly
by LynEvans

The Passion of Dance
by Richard Young

by RakeshSyal

by Lifeware

The Look-3
by Valentina Gatewood

There is None So Blind
by paintingsheep

The Mirror Does Not
by rodeorose

Generation Gap
by Kenton Elliott

Face Tattoos
by Kimba Vetten

Making up is hard to do…
by Berns

I don’t think that you should come any closer!!
by BigCatPhotos

Snowy Owl – St. Isidore, Ontario, Canada
by Ted Busby

by Martin Smart

After pool
by waitin’ for rain

Lest We Forget
by Scott Black

My What Big Eyes…..
by enchantedImages

Long Ago, And Oh So Far Away……….
by Teresa Burnett

Selective Snowy! – Snowy Owl – Eastern Ontario, Canada
by Ted Busby

A Butterfly’s Perspective
by Brenda Burnett

For Lee-Ann Carver
by polly470

rocamiadesign rocamiadesign 2850 posts

Congratulations, to both of you! These photos exemplify excellence in photography.

Val Saxby Val Saxby 1049 posts

Wow! thanks for including my Big Red image in here – I am most honoured.


Kristina Gale Kristina Gale 388 posts

Thank you so much for including my Langt Ude i Skoven! I am thrilled with this honor!

Erhan OZBIYIK Erhan OZBIYIK 116 posts

Congratulations to all !!!!!!! :)

Kim McClain Gregal Kim McClain Gr... 1022 posts

Thanks so very much and congrats to all!

RakeshSyal RakeshSyal 77 posts

Thanks a lot my dear friend and many congratulations to all!

Kathy Baccari Kathy Baccari 1431 posts

Congratulations to all. Such wonderful features. Kathy :)

Lyn Evans Lyn Evans 44 posts

Thank you kindly Lee-Anne and many congrats to all ;-D

Lifeware Lifeware 28 posts

Thanks you a lot Lee-Anne, i am honored!

photosbytony photosbytony 565 posts

Just a wonderful collection of images, congratulations to all, great work! Tony

Lee-Anne Carver Lee-Anne Carver 65 posts

Two of them are paintings Tony… aren’t they phenomenal? This group makes choosing so difficult but you just know when a piece is speaking to you and you can’t help but fall in love.

paolo1955 paolo1955 3767 posts

Congratulations to all

© Pauline Wherrell © Pauline Wher... 525 posts

Congratulations to all – wonderful work!

Kathy Baccari Kathy Baccari 1431 posts

Congratulations to all the outstanding artists. These all just blow me away. WOW…Kathy :)

Cat2be Cat2be 4494 posts

Oh wow, these are amazing and I am so honored to be part of this selection. Thank you.

Michelle Scott Michelle Scott 17 posts

Amazing Artwork Congrats too all :)

rodeorose rodeorose 1638 posts

Oh Wow!!! Lee-Anne!!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all Artists and to you Lee-Anne on gathering such great work- and deep thanks for the appreciation and recognition you give my work – such an honor to see it among these xxx

enchantedImages enchantedImages 416 posts

Oh my gosh! I’m so honored to be included such talented artists and their work.
Thank you!!!
- Bobbi

Kathy Baccari Kathy Baccari 1431 posts

Stunning works, each and every one. Congratulations to all. Kathy :)

Lisa Knechtel Lisa Knechtel 1320 posts

MIND BLOWING! I was left breathless over and over. WOW. Thank you for sharing.

polly470 polly470 1088 posts

My God…the quality is staggering!!! This was an eye opener an no mistake – something to aim for!!

vaggypar vaggypar 13438 posts

Lovely Work .!!

Brenda Boisvert Brenda Boisvert 439 posts

A stunning collection of wonderful images. Amazing photography!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations to everyone … I’m in awe of your talents!

Victor Bezrukov Victor Bezrukov 56 posts

thanks for so beautiful feature !