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  • Dusk & Delapidation - Cleveland Qld Australia by Beth  Wode
  • Dancing to Bolero by naturelover
  • Is This Food ?? by Ginny York
  • Colorado Birch by Sandy Sparks
  • Giraffe Dreams by SuddenJim
  • ~ She dreamed about the beach house ~ by Nadya Johnson
  • Secrets by Nadya Johnson
  • Inter-connectivity by Nadya Johnson
  • SIMPLICITY..... by vaggypar
  • Venice - Carnival Mask 2012....03 - Twins by paolo1955
  • Merry Christmas ! by Jarmo Korhonen
  • Geisha makeup by Jarmo Korhonen

About This Group

There are groups on here representing the number of times your images have been viewed. While that is a decent indicator of immediate attraction to thumbnails, we wish to go further by exploring what works have received the most favorites from the public. YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 25 PER PIECE. Your talent is obvious, but those who have favourited your work, have already defined who will be a member of this group. Being able to submit your work of heART here means you are already successful! We just want to help spread that word to the buying audience. This is a group where every work submitted has substantial merit.

Not only will some of the works be featured but there will also be other awards for heart (fav) levels. It is much more difficult to get copious favorites than it is to be featured, which is why this group feels it is important to award your success. (Being featured is also a fine testament to your work). Please refer to group messages for a thorough understanding and in particular, read YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES.


This will also help to encourage you to enter your work into more groups and get it seen. The broader the viewership, the more likely the favs. Those who don’t have enough favorites are still encouraged to join the group and participate until they are able to upload their work.

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