Favourite Fantasy Creations

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Recent Work

  • Good as Gold? by Andy  King Art
  • Hollow Hill Trees n°4 by edend
  • Hollow Hill Trees n°1 by edend
  • Sun Dancer by Michelle Tracey
  • Strange Weed by AlienVisitor
  • Touch by Lerson Pannawit
  • Lady of the Lake by Michelle Tracey
  • She by redqueenself
  • Picnic in the Park by Nadya Johnson
  • Night meetings by andy551
  • The last book by strawberries
  • Contemplation by Michelle Tracey

About This Group

FFC is a group for artists that specialise in the field of Fantasy. We would like to see works you can weave a story from. We accept most media’s: Digital, painting, photo manipulation, drawings. We won’t be accepting Fractals, Kaleidoscopes (this means no abstract work!!!), Photographs or Nude’s(implied nudity is fine, but we will not be accepting anything full frontal or bare chested; this is a family friendly group) – there are plenty of groups for this kind of art on RB.


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