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Curious Vintage Fictions~ON HIATUS~HOLD YOUR POSTS

Strange, photography-based creations with a faux vintage feel.


  • Dance of Winter by Seth  Weaver
  • Steampunk - Remuneration mechanism by Mike  Savad
  • The Replicant  by John Dicandia ( JinnDoW )
  • Star Kissed by Elizabeth Burton
  • Scrapbook for My Father by Sarah Vernon
  • Through a Glass Darkly by Sarah Vernon
  • Outside the Rabbit Hole by Erica Yanina Horsley
  • Illusion- door way from China by Klaus Bohn
  • A Day to Enjoy Together by Erica Yanina Horsley
  • Sea Pets by WinonaCookie
  • Steampunk - My favorite toy by Mike  Savad
  • pink house by the cemetery by Rebecca Tun
  • Steampunk - Victorian fuse box by Mike  Savad
  • Dreams On Celluloid or Hollywood Ghosts And Other Distractions by John Dicandia ( JinnDoW )
  • PUUURRRR-FECTLY FRAMED by Elizabeth Burton
  • Moon Rider by Ron C. Moss
  • Steampunk - The Contraption by Mike  Savad
  • I'd rather be a Gypsy by Raine333