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Features For 08/19/12 !!!!

Sheryl Gerhard Sheryl Gerhard 786 posts

Congratulations to all of this week’s featured artists !!! Terrific work everyone…Richard and Sheryl

Apodaca Lake
by Richard Gerhard

Call of the Sea Dragons
by LoneAngel

The Elixir Of Life
by xzendor7

The Envy of Earth and Ether
by michaelbilotta

Alien Construction 05
by Yvonne Less

I'm in the Scanner and in the Vase
by GolemAura

Pink Storm
by Sandra Bauser Digital Art

shifting dimensions
by shadowlea

Thief of Dreams

The Sea Seer Returms
by Ann Morgan

In Contemplation of the Earth (v2)
by Hugh Fathers

Trinestor Towers
by SpinningAngel

yvil1 yvil1 414 posts

Really cool collection!! Well done folks! :)

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5345 posts

wow .. stunning collection of works .. huge congrats everyone .. many many thanks for including one of mine

GolemAura GolemAura 95 posts

thank you very much and I’m very honored to part of such a lovely collection of great work :)

Sandra Bauser Digital Art Sandra Bauser ... 134 posts

Thank you so much for including my work in this collection…and congrats to all the other featured artists!

Richard  Gerhard Richard Gerhard 933 posts

Way cool….Congrats to everyone….Superb work by all…..

Angela Harburn Angela Harburn 59 posts

Fabulous collection of amazing art – congrats to all. Delighted to be included – very many thanks!

shadowlea shadowlea 1289 posts

mind blowing and superb sork by all…great selection …congratulations everyone…and thank you Sheryl