FARaway Friends

Founder members of this group all met in previous cyber lives on another photography and artist's web community. We are now happy Bubblers and wanting to invite people to join us for feedback, friendship and the chance to relax.

Recent Work

  • So happy together  by Heather King
  • Baby and Momma  by Heather King
  • Vigilant (please read description) by Heather King
  • Eye Spy by Heather King
  • SuperNova by Lyndseyh
  • Sunshine by Lyndseyh
  • OWL you need is LOVE  by Heather King
  • Cruising with Celebrity by Sharon Brown
  • Sailing into the Storm by Sharon Brown
  • Bathed in light  by Heather King
  • The wise one by Heather King
  • The Eyes of an Angel by Heather King

About This Group

We all have to start somewhere with our creative journeys, and it is often in those early days that you make real ‘friends’ who help you grow in a supportive environment. This group is being set up to enable those of us who have now become dedicated Bubblers to maintain and develop our friendship and support further. We hope that those who join us will benefit from our experience and we know that we will learn from new friends who come to join us. Any type of work is welcomed – traditional art, traditional photography, digital art, mixed media etc. etc. You need to want to share your experience, ask for help from others and be part of a team who enjoy what they do, and each other’s company! Initially membership will be restricted to friends from FAR who will then be able to invite their friends.

In recognition of the truly quality work being submitted by our fabulous members, the co-hosts will regularly be choosing one work each to receive ‘featured’ status on the group home page, and the banner below!

Every three months or so a Member will be chosen to be featured for their contribution to the group overall in that period. As well as appearing here on the home page of the group, they will receive a banner which can be placed on their profile page:

In addition, we now introduce the opportunity to be chosen as ‘Avatar of the month’! One of the most outstanding or seasonably appropriate featured images will be awarded this honour on a monthly basis. That image will then be used as the Group’s avatar until another one is chosen. The artist will receive the banner below:

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.

Your Hosts