Fantasy Art - 3 images per day only please !

Group Rules:

Is your work fantastical, magical, quirky and weaves it’s own story? Then this is the place!

Please be considerate with your uploading, do not flood the gallery with a bunch of your work all at once…. try spacing your uploads over a few days to prevent the gallery being flooded with the same type of work. Please do not upload the same picture in different colours. Typography not acceptable……unless it forms an integral part of the image.

No tees, I phone cases,stickers, cards, canvases! Original artwork to be uploaded please!

Nudity will be permitted on a case by case basis.

Fantasy is a pretty broad medium… before uploading ask yourself if spheres and cubes with different angles and colours, fractals, abstract art, shots of plant life,flowers,abstract art, unedited portraits of animals, loved ones, country scenes are they really fantasy!

Please don’t take rejections personally, we don’t like rejecting,however, it makes moderation very time consuming and frustrating when you do not adhere to the guidelines, PLEASE upload quality and relevant work!