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Rippin' it Up!

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The Challenge

In Honor of comics most popular XMan’s 35th year, Marvel has claim April…Wolverine month. Therefore this is a project for those who are up to the challenge!

This challenge will run 4 weeks, It may require research and development of style.
Basically, design Wolverine in YOUR OWN STYLE. do not do a fan art copy of something Marvel has already done or a photograph of Hugh Jackman from the films. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Hugh as Logan, But this is about YOUR style, So PLEASE NO MOVIE FAN ART.
If all you know Wolverine from is in the movies…you NEED to look in the comics for the true Wolverine.

If Marvel gave you the job of painting a Wolverine cover for a comic of this event “35 years and still going strong.” what would you have him wear? What would the background be? What would he be doing? Would he be smiling or his old grumpy self? Things like that.

ORIGINAL ART ONLY : all Art both traditional and digital are welcomed

Be creative! You can have something funny too, like he comes to an event silly drunk or something funny like that, or trully pissed off growling from a practical joke he fell for. What ever you can image based on who he is.

(If you get stuck on some information you can bubble mail me :))

Judging / Voting Criteria

4 days

Rewards & Prizes

The winner of this chanllenge will recieve:
featured artist
all the works featured
the group’s icon
a new group banner for the front page with the winner’s art
a short write up with a link to the artist page
a card sale from me, my next red Bubble shopping trip :)

so PLEASE do a good job! lol

Additional Information

A little Wolverine information.

  • Over 100 years old, yet looks to be between 35-40
  • Beefy buffed body, short (5’ 3") hairy
  • Black hair and Blue eyes
  • And of course those famed claws! 6 in all 3 on earch hand

PS: you don’t have to have his claws showing and you can re-design his uniform if you want to. He can wear what ever you see fit. But DO NOT change his body type, hair color, or eye color.

Cover Image: Among the Wild Ones- (in color) by Patricia Anne ...


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  • Wolverine by monica98

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