Family Likeness

This group is about Family Resemblance with an aim to create a coffee table book+ (see below for more) of the same name (working title).

Recent Work

  • My daughter and I by ZeeZeeshots
  • Sisters by Francesca Rizzo
  • with Mommy by Ghelly
  • Monkey see....Monkey do.... by wahumom
  • Smile.... by wahumom
  • My girls by Marjorie Wallace
  • One and a half by Ghelly
  • Like father like son by Ghelly
  • Brothers by Tanya Wallace
  • s and c by FamilyLikeness
  • mac and linley by sunset
  • Mami's Little Girl by ZeeZeeshots

About This Group

please note the criteria is about to change within the next two weeks. The book is no longer to be published.

I apologise to all, but realise it’s better to end it now. Luckily in the digital age it’s our time we spend alone!

I am inviting group members to apply to be moderators also.

They need to have Fine art and /or Technical photography training r demonstrate a high level of both technical and fine art photography awareness.

It is quite challenging to choose the difference between photos submitted in which the subjects

a) don’t look similar
b) look only a little similar
c) aren’t related (ie husband and wife)
d) the quality isn’t that high.

The quality is my main aim to keep high. Post production (ie changing a photo to black and white) is a new toy anyone can play with but what needs to be kept in mind is the family likeness and how that can be seen.

I will let you know within two weeks (ie the New Year) how it’s all going.

Thank you all


This group is about Family Resemblance

with an aim to create a coffee table book+ (see below for more) of the same name (working title).

Subjects need to be obviously be related physically, and can be as many generations as are living.

Comparisons between generations at the same age, eg grandma as a child and granddaughter today, are also acceptable.

This book requires the best of the best.

Please note*********************************
Images selected for the book will be of high quality only.

PLEASE be know this is not a ‘family photos’ group.

-happy snaps are rarely accepted: only if close up, in focus (artistic license accepted) and the subjects are alike!

This usually excludes very small children, as their similarities with others are not clear.

so please understand anything submitted not fitting this criteria with be necessarily rejected.

I will also occasionally put other quirky examples in for fun eg dog and their owner.

It’s not easy saying no to cute kids! I know everyone loves their kids but there is a strict criteria here so if there is no obvious physical feature, it won’t be accepted despite matching DNA! (it’s harder to see in a photo!)

This may also extend to an exhibition launched at Gallery 26.

Selection into the group will be based on the above guidelines.

Good luck and thank you for contributing!

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