Faces With Florals

Traditional Portraiture which INCLUDES Flowers & Floral Design

Recent Work

  • Green Lady, pastel painting, fantasy art, green forest by clipsocallipso
  • Faun Girl with Pink Flowers by meredithdillman
  • Fehu rune maiden by MoonSpiral
  • "Something Beautiful" by Watson  Mere
  • Sakura Girl Reloaded by sandygrafik
  • Betty and Banquo by Anita Inverarity
  • Biba's Bunnies by Anita Inverarity
  • Evelyn and her beloved by WickedlyLovely
  • The Hermit (Forest Dweller)  by Barbara Courtille
  • Blue Haired Goat Girl by KimTurner
  • "Elizabeth Taylor", Old Hollywood, celebrity portrait, painting, white, blue, silver, ocher by clipsocallipso
  • Blodeuwedd by Anita Inverarity

About This Group

This group will focus on the art of traditional portraiture with the added inspiration of floral. Main focus on the human face WITH florals.

Traditional Mediums Only- Pencils. Inks. Pastels. Paints. Charcoal etc

No photography/digital.
(Digital will be considered as long as it is line art first and coloured by digital means. And it must be stated in the info of the piece and tags. “drawing” “line art” etc.)

Our Group Avatar
Agapanthus by BeeG

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