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********FABULOUS FLOWERS*******

What a desolate place would be a world without a flower.

Fabulous Features!

Nicole W. Nicole W. 1590 posts

Hope you all had a great weekend! Some of you, the ones that live in this part of Europe, woke up to a raging storm. I just read 2 people have died already, because of trees falling on their cars, 2 complete trucks have been blown over, blocking 2 important highways, trains aren’t going because of all kinds of stuff on the rails, and places with a lot of trees like parks have been closed for public. And this is just the beginning. So…I decided to dedicate these features to todays victims of nature. Ofcourse, in that light, it had to be roses.

Everyone….Be careful, and be safe…..!

by Doug Norkum

by cclaude

autumn roses
by Teresa Pople

Only This Moment ….
by Sharon House

Lorraine Lee pink rose
by Maggie Hegarty

Linen Lady
by RC deWinter

by su2anne

Gently Pink Textured Rose
by MotherNature2

by Michael Cummings

Lost for words …
by micklyn

Single Rose
by Mariola Szeliga

Rose Detail
by ©The Creative Minds

Ginny York Ginny York 6852 posts

It’s always so sad to hear how devistating storms can be. We have have a few here in the states that were really bad.
How beautiful to dedicate all these wonderful roses to the victims of the storm.
Congratulations to everyone chosen. Very special images.

MotherNature2 MotherNature2 566 posts

It’s terrible to hear that storms are ravishing your area – it can be terrifying and the devastation and loss of life can be crushing. I hope the weather changes over very soon and no other lives are lost! We escaped this kind of thing so far this year but had awful storms on October 29 the last two years – wishing everyone there is kept safe and the damage doesn’t get any worse.

You’re an angel to dedicate the roses to those who are suffering through the storm. I’m honored to have one of the images posted here:>)

Congratulations to my fellow featured artists and their lovely work!

autumnwind autumnwind 5142 posts

A most thoughtful dedication, my thoughts and prayers to all those affected. My feature was not a rose, but wanted to thank you so much for the great honor of featuring my Lily, of course. Greatly appreciated.

Nicole W. Nicole W. 1590 posts

Thank you all, ladies. Autumnwind, your work deserved a feature, no matter what flower it is. Truth is, it looked like a helleborus flower to me. In dutch its known as a Christmas rose :-)…so there you go …ha!

autumnwind autumnwind 5142 posts

Ha! How do you like that! Thank you so much Nicole!! : ))) Hugs!!!!

Mariola Szeliga Mariola Szeliga 120 posts

Thank you for including my rose. Let these beautiful photos bring a smile, at least for a moment.

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 9900 posts

Exquisite selections so thoughtfully dedicated to those affected by the storms. Congratulations to all the featured artists!

Bette Devine Bette Devine 962 posts

Each and everyone is beautiful! Congratulations all.

Evita Evita 14187 posts

Beautiful works…Congratulations to everyone !!!! ☺♥

Livvy Young Livvy Young 2707 posts

Congrats and so thoughtful.

kalaryder kalaryder 8889 posts

Congratulations to all featured

Amar-Images Amar-Images 257 posts

beautiful pieces, congratulations to all the featured artists :-)