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What a desolate place would be a world without a flower.

Recent Work

  • Beautiful Fall Chrysanthemums  by kkphoto1
  • Creamy Hydrangea Blossoms by Sandra Foster
  • Yellow daisy by shalisa
  • Lilly Lue by DonCyr
  • The Red Poppy by Barrie Woodward
  • Decorative poppy by LudaNayvelt
  • Peony Pink by AbigailJoy
  • Bridal Wreath by AbigailJoy
  • Buttercup Meadow by Oruala
  • Find the Bug by AbigailJoy
  • Water lily of Dal Lake by Brian Bo Mei
  • The Universe At My Windowsill by AngieDavies

About This Group

Welcome to Fabulous Flowers

The Fabulous Flowers group consists of a group of artists that simply love flowers and are compelled to produce quality art featuring Fabulous Flowers.
Our gallery contains just that and nothing else.
Please feel free to submit your Fabulous Flower artwork being sure the focus is always on the flowers and nothing else.

Joining and or being an active member of this group means we have your permission to use your art as an avatar for Challenges and on our Home Page.



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