Eye Contact (Animals with BOTH Eyes Looking Directly into the Camera Lens) Only THREE IMAGES PER DAY PLEASE!

A group for images of animals/birds with BOTH EYES looking directly at you, the photographer. Please NO insects/arachnids.

Recent Work

  • Nothing Finer. by Michael Haslam
  • Little Raccoon (Procyon lotor) by Jeff Ore
  • Bright Eyes  by Nala
  • Allamared by missmoneypenny
  • Garden Guardian by Maurine Huang
  • Two Arctic Wolves in the trees by Alaskandreamer
  • IT'S WET OUT HERE! by Claire Moreau
  • Weekend Bob. by Michael Haslam
  • Baby Opossum by FedbyNatureArt
  • A Goat Portrait by Sandra Willis
  • Tree Swallow wing spread by Eivor Kuchta
  • Adorable Fox Cub by Cynthia48

About This Group

This group is some thing very special between you the photographer and the animal that you capture when you look directly into the eyes of any animal there is a very special moment between animal and human I have felt it many a time and this group is all about that moment even if it’s a few seconds…….

Please don’t be offended if an image is rejected …… A few are still submitting side views now believe me we do not like rejecting any images unless we have to. We really have to see them eyes looking at you, both eyes looking directly down the lens of your camera, the animals head can be tilted in any direction as long as them eyes are looking directly at you, I can not stress this enough eye contact is the name of the group and it’s eye contact we want.

NEW RULE: Only THREE images per day . . . THANK YOU!!!

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Take Me Home by Olivia Moore

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