The Eyes Have It

This is an EYE group for artwork pertaining to EYES.


  • Karsten by Anne  McGinn
  • aleci 2 by Damian May
  • Tom Jones by James Shepherd
  • Intense Look by Michael Pross
  • Street "sista" by iamelmana
  • Dirty Paws by Naomi Frost
  • Study for Gabi by Ray-d
  • FULLY FOCUSED by Paul Quixote Alleyne
  • Naxos portrait by Matt Mawson
  • Native Sculpture by © Loree McComb
  • Dazed by Damian May
  • May 3 Self portrait by Chris Richards
  • Self Portait by Andrew  Makowiecki
  • Tevler by Kagara
  • Malik by Kagara
  • Curious by PhotoFox
  • Study for Clare by Ray-d
  • The Last Secret by dorina costras