The Eyes Have It

This is an EYE group for artwork pertaining to EYES.

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Comment A place for everyone to Introduce yourself
19 topics 50 posts

Come meet each other..and where are you from

about 7 years ago by kimangeline
Comment Help Section
8 topics 41 posts

Have a question post it here. Need help with The Eyes Have It……post it here.

about 4 years ago by smalletphotos
Comment NEW COMPS!
13 topics 266 posts

This is where you find information about the new comps.

about 8 years ago by Rosina Lamberti
Comment Winners of the comps!
16 topics 29 posts

This is where winners will always be remembered!!!

almost 8 years ago by Rosina Lamberti
Comment Winners- Black and white eyes competition
2 topics 6 posts

Winners- Black and white eyes competition

over 8 years ago by Carisma
Comment Suggestion Box
1 topic 2 posts

1. Suggestions about the group?

2. Challenge ideas for the group?

3. What do you like about the group?

4. What would you change about the group?

over 6 years ago by Jaffabuster
Comment Group News
6 topics 11 posts
over 4 years ago by Leslie Hagen
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