The Eyes Have It

This is an EYE group for artwork pertaining to EYES.

  • Koukei Workshop Shot by Tony Lin
  • Jilted by DarthSpanky
  • Terra by Barbara Glatzeder
  • Burlesque Doll by Bobby Deal
  • Teresa's Sister by Cynde143
  • Doll by Josie Mackerras
  • Black and White by strawberries
  • Priestess of the Moon [feel so blue] by Kagara
  • Glower by Jennifer Rhoades
  • The moment has passed (we will only be here once) by strawberries
  • If its Chilli , why am I hot? by skorphoto
  • Boy, did I get out of the wrong side of bed this morning..!!! by John Hooton
  • Gaia by Tara Lemana
  • Almost ready... by SanjaXOXO
  • No Exit by Johnny P
  • The young portrait of Sarah by Gerard Rotse
  • Lady in green by Kagara
  • Head in Hands by Peter Stone