Extreme Close-Ups

Group Rules:



Images that are being placed in this group should only be an Extreme Close-up nature of anything you wish (within reason) .. This is a family friendly group and children do view so please no nudes or anything of a pornographic nature.

Type of Macro Lens or Equivalent MUST be mentioned in Description.
When submitting work, camera details MUST be included in either the title and/or the comments section and also a description of the subject

When taking a Macro shot, some of you may not have a Macro lens and take it on a manual setting… Please give these details within your comments, as other members may learn from them…
The following will not be admitted to the group:-….

  • Images with writing on them, eg. greeting cards, the exception being, if it is for a banner challenge.
  • Kaleidoscope, Digital, Broch or Fractal work.
  • Collages or framed prints, or Diptych.
  • A series of the same image
  • Portraits, faces or body parts, etc
  • Paintings or sketches, iphone covers tees or ipad covers, throw pillows or totes -
  • Do not* place any image in the Group that may be distressing to others.
    Just full images of your amazing works with as little or preferably no background included.

Enjoy the inner world of photography.and only the Best of your Best please as artwork will be rejected with or without reason if it does not abide by the Group Rules. Hosts reserve the right not to enter into any discussion regarding rejected images


Regarding a challenge… If there are 3 or less winners of the same challenge, 1st Prize will go jointly to all evenly..
If there are 4 or more joint winners, there will be a challenge Re – Run for an outright winner.


If in any doubt…B/Mail a Host