Extreme Close-Ups

Recent Work

  • Yellow Beauty by Martha Medford
  • Deep inside by lezvee
  • DAmp... by Graeme M
  • Inner Flower by Livvy Young
  • Strawberry fizz by Livvy Young
  • Summer Memory ! by Elfriede Fulda
  • Hoverflies Head by relayer51
  • Hi There 0001 by kevin chippindall
  • *One of the many faces of Mr. Lincoln* by EdsMum
  • Dahlia /  in most products by relayer51
  • My SOfter side... by Graeme M
  • Sloe Bug at a Stretch / Dolycoris baccarum by relayer51

About This Group

This Group is for all those who take extreme close-ups shots of anything and everything (within reason) but please remember that this is a family orientated group

As the name suggests, an extreme version of a close up generally magnifies beyond that which the human eye would experience in reality. An extreme close-up of an animal’s face, for instance, would show only the mouth or eyes, without any background detail whatsoever

*Please read this detailed explanation of micro.macro close up before submitting an image for moderation

The Group is open to anyone and everyone who can submit close-up captures to the extreme, showing that which isn’t normally seen by the naked eye unless you were right on top of it.

The image below belongs to a fantastic artist and winner of our “Faces Only, Bugs or Insects” Challenge by name of Jim Cumming called Yikes – Praying Mantis, and is a perfect example of what we are looking for in the Extreme Close-Ups Group.
Please visit “Jim’s home page”http://www.redbubble.com/people/darby8";: and see what a great artist he is. The image give the perfect indication of what we would like to see posted in the Group

See the group rules and join this group here