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Extraordinary Fractalius - (3/day) - Fractalius Filter Only

Art using plug-in Fractalius and Photoshop. Enjoy the work created by bubble artists who are using the Redfield Plug-in Fractalius, and Photoshop. Enjoy the creations that can be achieved with this desirable filter.


  • thegrizz15

    Thank You by thegrizz15

    Just wanted to thank you for including my Bee Fractalius image in your featured works. I am honored to be even considered with all the great work that is being done in this group.

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  • Teresa Zieba

    Christmas Wishes and Thanks!!! by Teresa Zieba

    To all my Wonderful old, present and future friends and fans at Redbubble,

    The warmest of wishes for wonderful times
    in the holiday season you share,
    with family around you, friends to surround you

    197 words
  • Angi Baker

    One Wish by Angi Baker

    If I could have just one wish
    I would wish to wake up everyday
    to the sound of your breath on my neck.
    the warmth of your lips on my cheek
    the touch of your fingers on my skin
    and the feel of your heart b…

    65 words
  • mlynnd

    CARVED PUMPKIN by mlynnd

    Wow, CARVED PUMPKIN is the Avatar for a Day and featured in Extraordinary Fractalius. Thank you, so much. I just had so much fun working with this pumpkin shot. Thank you everyone.

    48 words
  • Trevor Kersley

    Fabulous Flower Featured. by Trevor Kersley

    Thank you very much for featuring my “Fabulous Flower” in the group ‘Extraordinary Fractalius’ all your comments are very much appreciated.

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