Extraordinary Fractalius - (3/day) - Fractalius Filter Only

Group Rules:

We will require you to add the use of fractalius filter to your description and/or tag for acceptance., or your photo will be rejected. (This is your notice)

We will not accept Redfield plugs applied, or the word fractal filter applied. That is not the name of this group.

We are asking that you submit photos of real things and not fractal art or kaleidoscopes. We are not a fractal group as many seem to think, there are many groups of like. We look for flowers, animals, scenery, real life things changed by the filter. Fractals and kaleidoscopes are works of art not things.

We will not accept photos that have been worked in any other Redfield Plugin except Fractalius.
All work submitted to the group will require approval.

This is not a group for Fractal art. There are groups for fractals. Only photos that have been created using the filter Fractalius will be accepted. No visible nudity will be accepted. Satanic images will not be accepted.