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The Virtual Museum Features Jan. 28/2013

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The Virtual Museum Features Jan. 28/2013

Cheers to all,
deborah zaragoza

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congratulations to all!

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Great collection, Congratulations to all artists !!! and thank you for including me, Deborah !

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You’ve chosen some marvellous images, Deborah, I’m honoured to among these artists. Congratulations everyone!

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This is Awesome news Deborah!!! Woo Hoo!!! So proud to have this featured in this fabulous group with so many talented artists!!! Thank you, I am honored.!
Congratulations everyone. . .well deserved, well done!!

Don't You Say I Told You So
by Rhonda Strickland

A poem

I think back on those past times.
I know I did commit those crimes.
They were so very long ago.
I’ve served my time, please let them go.

Yet you still hold them in front of me.
No day goes by where you see just me.
In your eyes I am not true.
I’ll never be good enough for you.

It is as if I am still jailed.
My heart & soul have been impaled.
My wounds did heal but left a scar,
A constant reminder is what you are.

Can we ever just start over?
Can I stop looking over my shoulder?
Will we ever let the past be gone?
Won’t you let me forget my wrongs?

You smile that smile I know says NO.
In your eyes the scorn does show.
In your heart you won’t let go.
Don’t you say I told you so.
I have to leave now, I must go.
Don’t you say I told you so.

a rhonda original© 2011


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Such wonderful images Deborah…congratulations to all featured artists…and many thanks for adding one of mine to this inspiring selection!!!!

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Thank you so much. Everyone always does a great job and Deborah knows
how to pick them.