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Features for July 1st, 2011

?Laughing Bones? ?Laughing Bones? 767 posts

Congratulations to all the wonderful artists who exemplify art at it’s finest

In the spirit of art appreciation please chose 3 that make you think or feel something, and leave that upon the comments of that piece so that the artist themselves will know their effort and beautiful creation is recognized

thank you

vaggypar vaggypar 13938 posts

Lovely work All….!!

Keith Reesor Keith Reesor 811 posts

Thank you for the HONOR!!
Congrats to ALL, fantastic features!! :)

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4118 posts

I am thrilled and honored to be a part of the features today!!! Thank you & Congrats to everyone.

To select just 3 is not an easy task. Here are my thoughts:

The Otherside
by Marja Sterenborg

This one gives a feeling of escape to someplace that might seem open & expansive yet when I dare to step down from my carriage I just might fall into something more dangerous. The stinging jellyfish may see docile, but are they? Very cool surrealist piece.

After the Blizzard 2
by photosbytony

This one is pure bliss. Freedom to run wild in the beauty of nature. Love it!!

Peyote Healing In Between Worlds
by CarmenHolly

This one has a sense of otherworldy nostalgia. I love the tones & blending of this. Well done!!!

Amazing work everyone!!!