A group for display of the most Exquisite works of RedBubble

FEATURE 6 - 5TH September 2010

Simon Groves Simon Groves 168 posts

What a beautiful beautiful week of submissions it has been at Exquisition!

How fitting to feature some of the best on a Sunday!!! the day of rest….! hmmm I just put in some work for this! oh well!

We must do more work to encourage, the painters, potters, sculptors and digital artists…. to do do more work to show in this showcase group! But there are some… and thankfully… Exquisite pieces all…. I feel!

Please do congratulate all the artists individually if the feeling takes you!

Well done all artists who aspire to beauty and life!

NewThing NewThing 96 posts

Congratulations to all of the artists of these wonderful pieces of work!
Fantastic works – All of them!
I especially like the one of the surfer and also the secret parade!

buttonpresser buttonpresser 1434 posts

What a terrific collection of images. It’s T’s birthday this weekend so not much time. Will return for a better look see later.

Well done to all.


Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7388 posts

That is one amazing collection of art – thank you for taking the time to produce this, and especial thanks for including one of mine!

shapiro shapiro 114 posts

I really appreciate the energy, vitality and care that both of you have put into making this group a success. Thank you for featuring my work and congratulations to all the other artists. Kind regards, Sophie xxx

Jeannine St-Amour Jeannine St-Amour 124 posts

What an amazing display. This is such an honor to be part of this group and on top of it to have one of my photograph “Happy Face” featured amongst so many exquisite work. Thank you so much for this great honor. I truly appreciate it. :o) Jeannine

Robin Webster Robin Webster 604 posts

Congratulations to all who have been featured! The work in this group really is truly exquisite. An inspiration to me…. Outstanding choices Simon! Well done! I enjoyed viewing favoriting and commenting on each and every one of your brilliant choices!

Ellen Keagy Ellen Keagy 253 posts

I love all of these!


thank you so so much for featuring Keep it Green !!

congrats to all !!!

Erhan OZBIYIK Erhan OZBIYIK 1 post

Thank you very much to all hosts and friends !!!

Congrats to All and GREAT HUGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

virgosun virgosun 652 posts

A wonderful selection – truly exquisite, every one! Bravo to all featured :D

Simon Groves Simon Groves 168 posts

Love to ALL…..and a brotherly smile to Erhan!

Dianne English Dianne English 225 posts

What a joy to look through, I’m so pleased to have been asked to join this group, I’m honoured to have been featured above, thank you!!

JanelleMcKain JanelleMcKain 55 posts

Excellent collection. Congrats to all!!!!