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TWILIGHT MINUTES CHALLENGE - Digital - Photography - Paint - Mixed Media

This challenge closed almost 6 years ago.

The Challenge

There is a bracket of time where we get a natural “light-show” on all the objects under the sun….

That’s the time of day that we call twilight…

It is when the warming yellow-gold and orange-copper colours of the sun which are readily advancing toward sunset, are so opposite or complimentary to the general ambient light of the blue sky above, that they give a such an abundant and rich lustre to objects and surfaces….it is the exquisite magic….. TWILIGHT ON FIRE DANCING WITH THE BLUE!!!

We want to see Exquisite images lit and powered by natural twilight. But we want images that are created to naturally maximise the effect of these exquisitely colourful moments of the closing day.

It could be the green blue grass reflecting the bluishness of a dusk sky in the shadows….with flashes of sunset-lit grass ablaze with orange and lemon and lime ochres, or a white shirt or dress blooming deeply in the shadows of a blue blue dusk sky with the buttery orange highlights of that dress, or shirt or indeed, that human face, on fire with the sunset.

However you choose….we want the effect to be exquisite.

We will be choosing the best compositions, with all elements of image creation considered. Intelligent images showing our awareness of the Exquisiteness of nature Herself and of TWILIGHT!

This CHALLENGE is an experiment to see if we can create some of the most exquisitley lit works on RedBubble within one challenge.

We will accept Studio work if the effects are seemless and the same as twilight.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for images you feel are truly Exquisite….

Rewards & Prizes

We will be applying for a money voucher for the winner…

The winning image will be well seen and enjoyed!!! This is the true meat of any hungry artist! His or Her work enjoyed!

Additional Information

We will only accept work uploaded to your folio within one week before the opening of the Challenge….at the end of September/beginning of October.

We will be removing any works from the challenge (before the voting begins) that we feel are obviously not up to an exquisite standard…)

Cover Image: Spun by eleveneleven


The Top Ten

Sun Sliver by Bob Larson

Sun Sliver by Bob Larson was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 13 votes.

  • Highbox Peak by Inge Johnsson
  • Seascape blue by Lena Weiss
  • Great White Egret by Paulette1021
  • The Dawn of Time by Jo Nijenhuis
  • ∞ Mystique ∞ by Jonathan Stacey
  • HOMEWARD BOUND #2 by RakeshSyal
  • COLORS OF LINDA by Scott  d'Almeida
  • Seven Mile Beach at Gerroa, NSW by ChristinaR
  • Harley Davidson by Paul Thompson Photography

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